Social responsibility and sustainability


In recent years I have been increasingly moved by the often deficient social and ecological conditions in our world. It has become clear to me that you cannot pretend that it is enough to take good care of your own children. Rather, we must do more to ensure that disadvantaged children can grow up in safety, receive sufficient food and have access to medical care and education – in a world worth living in. This is why I make a contribution and donate a significant proportion of the profits I earn as an entrepreneur to social and sustainable projects every year – last year to the following recognized charitable organizations:

  • Doctors without Borders (MSF)
  • Biovision
  • Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM)
    (did you know that with CHF 150,– you can give a child back his or her sight and thus protect him or her from the fate of being exploited as an organ donor?)
  • Centre Ecologique Albert Schweitzer CEAS
  • Enfants du Monde (EDM)
  • Save the Children


I would also like to encourage other people who are doing well to do their bit to make our world a little bit better. One thing is certain: a lot of help – used in the right place – helps a lot. But even small amounts of aid are a valuable contribution for those who need help.

Furthermore, I would like to recommend for imitation that you also make very personal contributions, even if you may have to leave your beloved comfort zones for them. I …

  • refrain from meat (with the exception of game shot in domestic forests)
  • abstain from industrially produced food
  • use reusable packaging whenever possible
  • and drive with my car max. 130 km/h


Harald Lesch (from Terra-X) said the other day on the NDR talk show: “There is no plan B – there is no alternative to preserve our earth – we don’t have a second one to relocate to. For me this means: Let’s pursue plan A – for us and our children and grandchildren. Be a part of it!