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Please find recent examples where Mr. Christian Schuette has undertaken leadership roles to success (In case you want to contact the named reference please be so kind to inform us upfront):

Customers in Switzerland

Ahaus Alstätter Eisenbahn AG (www)
Zug – SAP R/3 Implementation
(Ref.: Mr. D. Goyvaerts, CIO)

Coca-Cola (Schweiz) AG (www)
Brüttisellen – SAP R/3 Rollout
(Ref.: Mr. R. Meister, CIO)

International Customers

Borgers Automotive (Johann Borgers GmbH) (www)
Germany, Czech Republic, Spain – SAP R/3 Template and Rollout-Package Development and Rollout (Main Roles: Head of Global Process Excellence Team, Global Program Manager)
(Ref.: Dr. S. Funke, CFO Borgers Group)

Feedback Mr. M. Klein-Bösing (Head of SAP CoE Borgers Automotive – Dec. 2017):
“I’ve never met anyone who is so clearly, purposefully and structurally on the road in project management, and who is involved in the methodology, appearance and communication. I have always enjoyed working with you and I have learned a lot from you and your way of working.”

Vestas Wind Systems (www)
Denmark/Germany – SAP R/3 Rollout (Main roles: Global Rollout Manager Central Europe)
(Ref.: Mr. M. Heimes, CFO Central Europe)

PepsiCo Middle East (www)
Egypt – SAP R/3 Rollout (Main roles: Integration manager)
(Ref.: Mrs. C. Eid, Head of regional SAP CC)

Sanitec OY (www)
Finland/Germany  – SAP R/3 template, consolidation of european SAP installations, outsourcing of SAP operations (Main roles: Head of global SAP CC (ad interim))
(Ref.: Mrs. T. Pesonen, CIO)

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (www)
Greece/Austia – SAP R/3 & APO template (Main roles: Template project manager)
(Ref.: Mr. K. Topalov, Head of SAP CC)

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